Player Location Update for Vietnam

What's happening?

Some time ago, the location of some VALORANT players was incorrectly recorded in our systems. While these mislabeled locations generally have little impact on player experience, they started causing a variety of problems for players who joined early from unsupported regions—problems that include being unable to correctly browse the store.

But we have good news! We've completed the preparations needed to address this issue, and are set to start updating affected player accounts to an accurate location on May 19th. This process may take a few days, so please be patient if you're among those awaiting this fix and don't see any changes right away. 

Who will be affected?

Certain players from Vietnam. If your store appears empty or is showing the wrong currencies, this update is here to help!

How will this affect my account?

In a lot of ways, it won't!

All your current progress and inventory will be saved. You'll also still be playing on the Asia-Pacific shard, where you can expect to log on to the same server with the same online community. Most players won't notice any change at all!

What changes players do see will be positive. For example, all players should now have access to the store, including its curated content and location-specific currencies. Players will also be able to use local payment methods, making it that much easier to get the items you want.

Some of you may be asked to agree to new location-specific terms of service, but a single confirmation will prevent this window from popping up again.

Will I still be able to play with the same people?


We're only adjusting the region assigned to your account, which is independent from the shard you play on. You will queue with and against all the same players as before.

What if I don't want my account to change?

No problem! Just submit a ticket explaining your situation, and we'll add your information to a "do not change" list. 

Learning about the update after the fact? Then write in, and we'll look into restoring your previous account settings.

My store still looks empty...

Just hold out a little longer! Updating all of the accounts could take some time, meaning you may not see the changes right away. We'll also be posting an announcement when the update is complete, so you'll know for sure when the changes should have taken effect. If your store still appears empty after that, please submit a ticket and we'll do what we can to help!

Is there anything else I should know?

Like our other games, VALORANT is being brought to Vietnam by our publishing partner VNG. So if you need help with anything after your account's been updated, be sure to drop by their official support site!

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