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Unique Enrollment Period in EPISODE_07 // ACT III due to Global Holidays!

With the year winding down and holidays just around the corner, we’re shrinking the official Enrollment Period to roughly one day to make time for a full tournament. Because of this, enrollment is a touch more flexible for Premier Stage 2:

  • Teams must still be created by the end of the Enrollment Period, but
  • You can enroll your team past the Enrollment Period exactly once, anytime before playoffs

Your Division and Zone will lock when you enroll. If the Enrollment Period has ended, do not attempt to unenroll and re-enroll; unenrolling from Premier past the Enrollment Period will lock your team out of that Stage.

This guide helps team owners create and manage a team for Premier. 

For all the info on Premier, see ➡️ Premier Everything You Need To Know.

What makes someone a team owner, and what are they responsible for?
Creating the team makes you the team owner. The only way to pass your own team owner role to someone else is by leaving the teamit goes to whoever's been there the longest.
  • Only team owners can invite and remove players. During the enrollment period at the beginning of a Stage, they are responsible for enrolling their team.
    No enrollment, no Premier that stage. No exceptions.
  • Team owners don't need to join every matchthe party leader queues the team for matches and locks in the team's choices for map picks and bans.

  • Only team owners can unenroll and delete their team.

Team owners are also often the team's anchor for communication. Coordinate match times with your team and get your team to show up on time for the queue windows. But also remember there may be storms ahead and the team owner can help weather them and set the tone for everyone. Keep your team engaged and spirits high!  

Creating a team

All teams must enroll during the 1-week enrollment period at the beginning of a Stage. 

It's all done in the Premier tab of the VALORANT client: 

  1. Choose a team name (5-15 characters) and a team tag (1-5 characters).
    Can I change my team name later? 
    🚫 You can't change your team name and tag once you leave the Create Team window. To change your team name for any reason, you'd need to delete and re-create the team. If you need to do it, be sure to do it well within the Enrollment Period since unenrolled teams can't participate in the current Stage once enrollment ends.
  2. Customize your team logo and colors.
  3. Add your teammates. Premier teams have 5-7 players. Don't worry about MMR disparity during the enrollment phase—anyone can join and your Division is determined by your top 5 players' average MMR.
    Troubleshooting invites
    • If you receive a message that a player can't be added due to their MMR or rank but enrollment hasn't ended yet, it's probably because your team is already enrolled. You can unenroll, add them, and re-enroll the team. Just make sure to re-enroll before the deadline. (This will recalculate your team's Division.)
    • Check that they're not already on another team. (Players can be on only one team roster at a time.)
    • Check whether they had a recent penalty or restriction on their account. Receiving any kind of behavior penalty or restriction makes players ineligible to join a Premier Team or queue up for Premier matches for 30 days from the start of the penalty.
    • Eligibility reminders:
      • Make sure they verified their account.
      • They must have completed at least one ranked placement in their account's lifetime.
      • Remind them to be on their best behavior so they don't get bans or restrictions (which will disqualify them for the rest of the current Premier Stage). When teammates are disqualified, they remain on the team (with a message by their name in the lobby), but they can't queue. 
  4. Pick a Zone for your best server option.
    • Throughout this Stagefrom Weekly Matches all the way to the Playoff Tournamentyou will only compete with teams in your same Division and Zone. 
    • 🚫 Your Zone is locked in when Enrollment ends.
  5. Click Enroll to enroll your team in the current Stage. This locks in your team's Division. 

    If you need to temporarily unenroll for whatever reason, you're free to do so throughout the Enrollment Period. Just make sure you click Enroll again before the enrollment deadline if you want to compete this Stage. 

Enroll Your Team

This gets its own section because you need to do it each and every Stage to qualify.  

When to enroll

To qualify for the current Stage, you must enroll your team by the enrollment deadline. That means by the second date shown here: (This example is intentionally blurred. Find your actual enrollment window in the client. The date will be shown in the time zone based on your account region.)

Pay very close attention to that second date in the client. That's your deadline for getting your team into Premier.
  1. Click Enroll to enroll your team in the current Stage.

If you need to temporarily unenroll for whatever reason, you're free to do so throughout the Enrollment Period. Just make sure you click Enroll again before the enrollment deadline if you want to compete this Stage. 


Inviting teammates

There are no MMR disparity rules during the 1-week enrollment period until you enroll. You need at least 5 people to enroll your team before the deadline.

MMR disparity restrictions after your team is enrolled

Once you enroll, there are restrictions on who you can invite.

When you click Enroll, your Division locks in as determined by your top 5 players' average MMR. After this point, Team Owners cannot invite players who would move the team’s current Division up

  • This is true even during the Enrollment Period. So if the enrollment deadline has not yet passed, you can unenroll, add your higher ranked friends, and re-enroll. 

Removing teammates

🚫 BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU REMOVE A TEAMMATE AFTER THE ENROLLMENT PERIOD: If you remove a teammate, there is no guarantee that you can readd them. If their MMR would bump your team up a Division, they cannot be readded.

Weekly Matches

Now that you've got your team, let's quickly talk about your next step: Weekly Matches. Here are some reminders:

  • Review the match schedule in the Premier tab of the client.
  • You can play up to 🔫 2 matches per week. It's one map per week.
  • Gather your crew and get into queue as early as you can in a queue window to ensure you find a match.

Note: Practice Matches on the schedule don't count towards your Premier MMR or your team's Premier Score. They are purely scrims to get some practice within your Division.

Every other detail you could want to know throughout the Premier Stage is here:

➡️ Premier Everything You Need To Know.

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