VALORANT Console Limited Beta Guide

How to sign up for the VALORANT Console Limited Beta 

In order to join the VALORANT Console Limited Beta, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Sign up for the VALORANT Beta or get a referral link from somebody who got an invite from Riot Games (see below)
  • Live in the NA, EU, JP, or BR regions (may expand later)
  • Have a VALORANT Account in good standing (no current bans/suspensions on VALORANT or Riot level)
  • Own an Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation®5

Invitations will be delivered when the Limited Beta goes live on June 14, so don't worry if you don't hear back from us before then.

Finally, signing up for the VALORANT Beta does not guarantee an invitation. You must get an actual invitation from Riot or a friend's Referral link to join. 

Referral Link

If you were invited to the Limited Beta directly by Riot after signing up for the Limited Beta, you'll also get a personal referral link. This link can be used up to five times to sign up for the Limited Beta. Just send your friends the link, have them follow the steps outlined below, and you'll be teaming up in no time.

Remember: your friends have to click the link and complete the sign-up process to claim their spot, so only blast out the code to more than five friends if you want to see who has the quickest draw.

Referred Players Don't Get Additional Invites

Only players who signed up to join the Limited Beta through the official site get a referral link. If you joined the Limited Beta through a friend's Referral Link, you don't get additional invites your own, so your friends will have to sign up or find somebody else who did!

Redeeming your VALORANT Console Limited Beta Key

Once you've received your VAL Console Limited Beta key, follow the instructions listed on the website of your console of choice:

Help! I lost my code!

If you've been invited to the VAL Console Limited Beta and can't find your code for any reason, contact Riot Player Support and we'll get you sorted.

Report a Bug

If something doesn't seem to be working right, reporting beta bugs will help us stick the landing on the real deal. 

  1. Use the in-game QR code submit a ticket (Found by selecting Help or Support)
  2. Include any details you can—what you were doing when the bug happened, where in the game it happened, etc.
  3. Include your console gamertag (Xbox) or PSN ID (PlayStation)
  4. When prompted to include logs, select Yes

VALORANT Console Limited Beta Details

Since this is a beta, much of the following information may be subject to change. That said, we'll always update this page as soon as we can.


Start: June 14, 2024

We're holding a Limited Beta to make sure VALORANT is console-ready, and we won't close the doors until we're confident that our servers and code are fully locked and loaded. That said, we will give you as much advance notice as we can when we do settle on an end date, including updating this article and sharing the details on our social channels.


The Limited Beta will launch with a mix of new and old maps before adding more over the coming weeks. Eventually you can expect it to share the same set of maps that are available for PC.

Game Modes

We're starting with all of the core, non-competitive game modes on launch, but competitive queues will be added once players have had some time to settle in.


Account Content

Your account content is shared between PC and console, including any purchases/progress you make during the Limited Beta.

Between PC and Console
  • Account Level
  • Currencies (VP, Kingdom Creds, Radianite Points)
  • Recruited Agents
  • Weapon Skins
  • Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Progression
  • Mission Progression (Dailies, Weekly, etc)


VALORANT players on Console cannot face off against VALORANT players on PC—you'll have a separate rank and MMR when playing on either platform.

Limited Beta Progress/Purchases

VALORANT has shared inventory and progression across all platforms, which is why progress/purchases you make during the Limited Beta will carry over to VALORANT's full release on console.

VALORANT Crossplay

VALORANT supports crossplay across consoles. That means Xbox players will be able to face off against PlayStation players, but not against PC players—because fair play is a cornerstone of competitive gaming.

Xbox Game Pass

If you have an Xbox Game Pass, you'll have all the same VALORANT benefits on Xbox—but not on PlayStation.

Third Party Controllers

We don't support third party controllers. If you decide to use them anyway and run into issues, you'll have to contact the manufacturer for help.

Keyboard and mouse are not supported, and attempts to use them on console (like spoofing) will result in a ban. VALORANT console is meant to be played with a controller.

I still have a question!

Contact player support and we'll try to answer your question as best we can.

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