Daily Missions

You didn’t truly believe we’d give you the title of Agent without sending you on a mission of vital importance, did you? Several missions in fact. Some you’ll receive daily, while others are missions specifically for new recruits. Whatever the type, each mission you go on will grant you valuable experience upon completion. Now let’s break them down.

Welcome to VALORANT

What can we say? Humans learn best when they’re a bit green, so the Welcome to VALORANT missions grant the most experience. You can’t be the new kid on the block forever, though, so make the most of your newbie gains while you can.

Daily Missions

Dailies are your bread and butter, so to speak. We like to keep our Agents sharp, so daily missions tend to be simpler, allowing for you to earn a little extra XP on the reg. Remember all missions help you progress along your Contracts, so even if they don’t give as much XP as NPE or Weekly missions, Daily Missions are a sure fire way to make sure you keep progressing.

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