Error Code 61 - VALORANT Bans

VALORANT is a game that relies on communication and teamwork to chart the course towards victory. As such, we expect our Agents to act with both respect and civility in any communication, be it via voice or text. We also, of course, expect that our Agents won’t ever resort to cheating, or other dishonorable behavior. If you have received Error Code 61, or messaging in-client explaining that you’ve been banned from the game, chances are your actions have violated the behavior we expect from our Agents. This could be anything from a chat-related offense to chargeback issues or fraudulent activity. This could also be brought on by repeated 72-hour chat and voice restrictions. I am sure you have questions, so I will attempt to provide clarity on next steps and our continued expectations.

What would result in me getting banned?

You could be banned for repeated or severe breaches of the Community Code accepted when first entering VALORANT, as well as any detrimental behavior or programs. We are taking strict action against violations including, but not limited to: continual text-based or verbal abuse of teammates and/or opponents, hate speech, sexism, racism, threats of real-life violence, and the rampant griefing and/or assisting of the enemy team. A ban may also be implemented for scripting, fraudulent behavior, or chargeback issues.

How long will the ban last for?

Bans for the most extreme behavior will be permanent. Less serious offenses will result in a 72-hour restriction which prevents you from using text and voice chat (though you will still be able to play the game). Repeated offenses can and will be escalated to a complete ban that will bar you from playing VALORANT. I must reiterate how vital it is that our Agents act appropriately.

But I didn’t do anything!

If you believe you did not engage in any inappropriate behavior, you can reach out to Player Support by /submitting a ticket at the bottom of this page.

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