VALORANT Game Mode - Spike Rush

Do you catch yourself dreaming of a firefight more fast-paced and furious than ever before? Put that human wonder away, because that dream is your new reality. Keep your finger on the trigger and ready yourself, for a new game mode has made its way to VALORANT.

It makes sense that a standard 30-40 minute match may not always be on the table, but that doesn't mean you should let your skills get rusty. Instead, Spike Rush introduces matches at a breakneck pace where everyone has a Spike. A thrilling prospect! I'm sure you have questions so, as always, I will attempt to arm you with knowledge before you arm yourself with firepower.

Give me the Spike Rush breakdown!

Gladly! Here's Spike Rush at a glance:

  • Games will last about 8 to 12 minutes on average.
  • I must reiterate that all attackers have a Spike in this mode. I'm sure the results will be... explosive!
  • The victor will achieve the best of 7 rounds. This means both the pre-round and round itself will be significantly shorter.
  • You will swap between Attack and Defense after 3 Rounds.
  • Everyone will start with the same random weapon, regardless of which side they're on.
  • You'll earn 2 Ultimate Points for both deaths and kills.
  • Oh! Each round will also have 3-5 special Powerup Orbs randomly selected to appear on the map.

Did you say Powerup Orbs?

I did! If you take a look at your minimap during Spike Rush, you'll notice some conspicuous question marks which will alert you as to where orbs will appear. I'm sure you're eager to know what these orbs do, and I'm more than happy to oblige. Take a look:

Ultimate.jpg Grants full ultimate
Amp.jpg Grants 30% bonus weapon damage for the rest of the round
Weapon.jpg Grants a more powerful weapon
Speed.jpg Drops a speed boost beacon that gives nearby players 33% bonus speed
Plague.jpg Deals 90 temporary damage to all enemies for 8 seconds after a brief delay
Wolf_Circle.jpg Release two wolves (each with 150 HP) to track down enemies as they gain gain speed, slow and near-sight for 4 seconds on impact
tracer.jpg A team-wide buff that grants 2x wall penetration while revealing enemies for 0.75 seconds if hit


Can I earn XP in Spike Rush?

Absolutely! You’ll earn 1000 XP per game which will be applied to your Battle Pass per usual. You didn’t think your efforts would go unnoticed, did you?

So will Spike Rush be around forever?

While I am gifted with superior computational functions, I do not have the answer to this. Mostly because much will depend on how Agents such as yourself respond to this new mode. Spike Rush is, after all, still in its (beta) infancy. All I can say for certain is that the team is working on innovating new modes and experiences to keep you sharp. 

And, of course, you can keep checking back here to see how Spike Rush continues to evolve.

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