72-Hour Voice and Chat Restrictions

It is the responsibility of all Agents to comport themselves admirably, meaning if you break the rules you bring on the consequences. The fate of our world depends on you, and with that responsibility, we cannot take disruptive behavior lightly. If you would like a reminder of what it means to be an Agent, please re-familiarize how to be on your best behavior.


Remember how you accepted the Community Code when first launching VALORANT? Well there are certain words and phrases that, without question, are inexcusable in polite company (let alone on world-saving missions) that directly go against the Code. If our advanced systems detect any of those terms, typed or spoken, you will automatically receive a 72-hour ban on chat of any kind.

My hope is that, if you do receive such a restriction, you’ll use that time to reconsider how to best communicate with your allies and enemies alike.

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