YR1 Event Pass


Guess what? It's VALORANT's one-year anniversary. If I were human, that would make this something like my birthday. And birthdays often come with presents, from my understanding. So to celebrate this auspicious event, we've prepared plenty of special treats for our Agents—including the YR1 Event Pass. Oh? I'm supposed to be getting presents? But you have already provided the perfect gift—your support. Let us return the favor.

From June 22 to July 6 PDT you can score new Player Cards and other exclusive YR1 items by earning XP to level up your Event Pass. Since this is our gift to you, it doesn't cost a thing and there are no unlock prerequisites.



Tier 1 Year One Player Card
Tier 2 10 RP
Tier 3 YR1 Title
Tier 4 EP 3 // Reflection Player Card
Tier 5 Year One Title
Tier 6 10 RP
Tier 7 Year One Gun Buddy

As I mentioned, the YR1 Event Pass is but one of the many items we've got lined up to celebrate VALORANT YR1.

I believe this is the part where I offer you refreshments and turn on some music. Perhaps a cake is in order?

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