How to Get a Riot Gun Buddy


If you're looking to obtain the ever-popular Fist Bump Gun Buddy, there's only one surefire way to get it: demonstrate good sportsmanship while in a match with a Riot employee. That means being on your best behavior as well as being a positive and motivating part of your team.

While you should always demonstrate these traits, you only have a chance of receiving a Fist Bump if a Riot employee sees you in action. Also keep in mind that it's not a good idea to ask a Rioter for the Gun Buddy. There’s a limit to the number of Fist Bumps each Rioter can give out, so they’re unlikely to give you one just because you asked—if anything, this lessens your chances.

Will a Rioter ever offer to sell me a Riot Gun Buddy?

Never. If someone claims to be a Riot employee and offers to sell you a Fist Bump or tells you about a Riot Gun Buddy contest or giveaway, they're trying to scam you.

A true Rioter will never ask you to pay for a Fist Bump or tell you to enter a contest for the Riot Gun Buddy. If this happens to you, please report the player either in-game by pressing Esc and clicking on the Report button next to the player’s name, or after the match at this link.

I've been a good sport in every match I've played! Can I submit a ticket to get a Riot Gun Buddy?

Nope, doesn't work like that! A Rioter has to see you in action!

I follow a bunch of Rioters on Twitter. Maybe if I DM them...

Let me stop you right there. The Fist Bump is a reward for good sportsmanship, not a reward for following Rioters on Twitter.

Now go out there, have fun, and be kind to your fellow Agents.

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