Be on Your Best Behavior

You’ve been tasked with the acquisition of a precious resource, holding your own fight after fight, and securing the enduring dominance of the entire planet. You can see why we’re holding you to some pretty high standards. Abide by the rules and dare to seize victory, or fail to fight with valor and find yourself stripped of your title as an Agent. The choice is yours, but we’re here to help you stay on the proper path. Here’s how to avoid bans, fight fair, and earn your stripes (so to speak).

We expect our Agents to conduct themselves with decorum. Competition is only fun when it’s healthy, and we will have systems in place to flag players who chose to ignore protocol. The following includes, but is not limited to, some of the behaviors that can see you banned from VALORANT:

Battlefield Behavior

The following bad form can get you banned on a temporary or permanent basis:

  • Insulting, harassing, or offensive language directed at other players.
  • Any kind of hate speech such as homophobia, sexism, racism, and ableism.
  • Intentionally ruining the game for other players with in-game actions.
  • Unnecessarily disruptive language or behavior that derails the match for other players.
  • Inappropriate in-game names.


Leaving so soon? We hope not. Technology is on the lookout for players who are gone for too long, which can result in your being kicked from the game to avoid your opportunistic enemies taking advantage of your absence. Of course, we don't want anyone routinely leaving their team an agent down, either. You'll receive a time penalty of increasing severity each time you're determined to be missing in action. There will be a timer counting down, so take a deep breath and remember not to duck out once you're back in game.


Cheaters never prosper, and often they get themselves banned. The intrepid team behind VALORANT has been hard at work developing systems to deter everything from bots to third party software, so fight with honor and win with skill and skill alone (and maybe a touch of luck).

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