Refunding In-Game Content for VP & Radianite Points

Looking to get a refund in VALORANT for a weapon skin, contract, or something else purchased with either Valorant Points (VP) or Radianite Points?
Refunds for VALORANT content are allowed in the following cases:
  • Unused content purchased with VP within the last 7 days (back to VP)
  • Unused content purchased with Radianite Points within the last 7 days (back to Radianite Points)

Log in below to see what is refundable, and use this table to refund purchased content. If you are unable to refund your item, it is probably past the allotted time for a refund. Can’t see an item you purchased? It may be an item that cannot be refunded. You can always /submit a ticket at the bottom of this page if you encounter any issues.

Please note:

If you're looking for a cash refund, please Submit a Ticket below. Cash refunds are available for 90 days after a transaction provided VP wasn't spent.

Please check our refund policy here to see why the refund might not be available.

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