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You know how vital your work as an Agent is. Protecting the world from interdimensional threats? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if all your hard work could be translated into some sort of… reward? If I had eyes, this is where I’d wink because that dream is already a reality. 


Take a look at the top bar of your screen when you launch the game. See where it says Battlepass? Simply click it to see what rewards await!

Episodes, Acts, and Chapters? What’s what, here?

An excellent question! Episodes are a grouping of three Acts. Think of Episodes as an event in and of themselves. 

Act Progression

Within each Act are chapters that you’ll progress through. It occurs to me that this could be confusing… Ah! Wait, I’ve got a picture!


There we are! So you see the numbers under the Episode title and Act number? Those are the chapters. Within each chapter are earnable rewards! Isn’t it marvelous?

Tell me more about the Battlepass.

You’ll have two options when encountering the Battlepass: a Premium Track and a Free Track. The Premium Track will have 5 rewards per chapter, whereas the Free Track will have either 1 or 2 rewards per chapter depending. Keep in mind that you will get the rewards from the Free Track within the Premium Track as well.

The Premium Track also grants you a 3% XP Boost for any XP earned in a match. (The XP Boost does not apply to XP earned in daily and weekly missions.)

You’ll need to spend 1000 VP to activate the Premium Track. You can also purchase levels for 300 VP. Keep in mind that you can only purchase levels if you’re already on the Premium Track. This allows you to unlock content along the Premium Battlepass at an expedited rate.

How do I progress along the Battlepass?

Haven’t I mentioned how much we value experience? Progress along either track just requires you and your skills. So long as you're earning XP, you’re progressing along the Battlepass.

Please Note:

You will not be able to refund the Premium Battlepass and level purchases.

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