VALORANT Game Mode - FFA Deathmatch

The mind is a muscle that needs training as much as your quick reflexes. Why not take out two targets with one match in VALORANT's newest game mode: Free For All Deathmatch? Half warmup, half frenzy, this bombastic mode will be seeing a new update with patch 1.10.

So, what's the rundown?

This mode is designed to sharpen your skills in, well, a Free For All, but we can say FFA for short. That name isn't just for show, mind you. There's no "team" here, and instead 14 players are thrust into a battle royale with a bevy of unique rules, such as:

  • No abilities (yes, that means Jett can't glide, you cheeky Duelist, you).
  • Infinite money!
  • The ability to swap weapons at will.
  • Shorter match length (I would say a max of 6 minutes, but probably less).

Mode Cadence

You can hop into an FFA Deathmatch queued with up to 14 players. Once a match is found, you’ll skip the character select screen and be assigned to a random agent. Win by being the first to 40 kills or by having the most kills in 9 minutes.

Death is only a minor inconvenience here in the FFA Deathmatch. You’ll respawn at ideal locations that are free of enemies but close to the action. Shake off the shock and take your shot once you’re back in play.
Feeling worn down? A takedown may put a spring back in your step… literally. Every death drops a health pack that will last 10 seconds and heal for full health and full armor. Not only that, but each kill reloads your gun immediately.

Keep your eyes on the prize, and the map, of course! Every time you respawn, enemies will be revealed. No time to camp in this game mode, you see.

And the reward?

Experience, of course. Aside from getting you primed for a field mission (also known as a normal match), you’ll earn 900 XP for competing in an FFA Deathmatch. Remember, if you chose to retreat and disconnect from the game mode, you won’t earn any XP even if you participated. See it through to the end, and it’ll be well worth the effort.

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