Rank Rating (RR) for Immortal and Radiant Ranks

If you're here, that probably means you've earned 100RR in Ascendant 3 and made your way to Immortal 1. Congratulations on being at the top of your game, Agent. Now, you may have noticed that ranking works a bit differently at this level.

For Iron through Ascendant, you would go up a rank each time you reach 100RR. That's not the case for Immortal and Radiant players—as long as you keep winning, you keep earning RR... forever! To go from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2 and beyond, you'll have to meet certain regional RR thresholds. But before we dive into that, let's take a look at...


When a new Episode begins, all players (including Immortal and Radiant ones) need to play 5 placement matches to be placed, with Ascendant 1 being the highest initial placement possible.

To receive your rank in Act 2 or 3, you'll need to play 1 placement match. Your position on the leaderboard won't change, but your RR will be reduced by 90%. This means all Radiant players will be returned to an Immortal rank. Remember—Radiant represents our most elite Agents, so you’ll need to prove yourself once more to count yourself among them.


Once you reach Immortal 1, you'll start with 10RR. From there, you'll keep earning RR indefinitely... as long as the wins keep coming, that is. To rise through Immortal 2 and beyond, you'll need to reach certain regional RR thresholds:

Rank(s) RR
Immortal 2 90RR
Immortal 3 150RR
Radiant 200RR

For example, if you're a player in the NA region, you'll need to reach 90RR to go from Immortal 1 to Immortal 2. And if you're a player in the BR region, you'll need 230RR to go from Immortal 2 to Immortal 3.

While RR alone will get you through the Immortal ranks, there's a little more to it if you want to be counted among the Radiant.

Climbing into Radiant

Reaching your regional RR threshold alone isn't enough to prove yourself worthy of the Radiant rank—you must also be one of the top 500 players in your region.

For example, if you're one of the top 500 players in the LATAM region, but have less than 200RR (LATAM’s regional RR threshold for Radiant), you'll still be in Immortal 3. The same goes for the reverse—if you have over 200RR but aren't one of the top 500 players, you'll still be in Immortal 3. Both conditions must be met in order to rise into Radiant.


Just as you can climb through the ranks, you can also fall. Here's the lowdown on how you can find yourself demoted:

  • Demote from Immortal 1 by reaching 0 RR and losing again
  • Demote from Immortal 2 by falling below your regional Immortal 2 threshold
  • Demote from Immortal 3 by falling below your regional Immortal 3 threshold
  • Demote from Radiant by losing more RR than the lowest Radiant player, or by falling below your regional Radiant threshold.

What affects my RR?

Wins, losses, and round differential (how much you win by) impact whether your RR goes up or down at the end of a match, and by how much. For a visual breakdown, see How Rank Rating (RR) Is Calculated. While Iron through Ascendant players can also receive performance bonuses, Immortal and Radiant players’ RR is completely reliant on the outcome of the match.


Going AFK or queue dodging in Competitive games for a prolonged period of time will affect your RR... for the worse. Don’t risk the RR penalty, and make sure to stay in-game once you’re in the queue.


Each region has its own Leaderboard that can be filtered by rank. To maintain your position on the Leaderboard, you'll need to play at least one Competitive game every 7 days.


The Leaderboards display the games won per Act alongside your rank, Rank Rating, Riot ID, Title, and Player Card. If you want to keep your greatness hidden from the world, you can opt to be a Secret Agent to retain your anonymity.

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