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What could be more exciting than an Agent risking it all in the field? Risking it all while trying to best your fellow Agents, of course. Competitive Mode for VALORANT has arrived, and it’s important you’re well prepared for what’s to come. Let’s see if I can’t help answer some of your most pressing questions. Want to hear from the devs their Competitive thoughts? Go here.

What are the requirements to play in Competitive Mode?

We can’t very well send green Agents out into the fray unprepared. You’ll need to play 20 matches before gaining access to Competitive Mode. If you've already played 20 matches, then you’d best get in-game to test your mettle.

What are the ranks in Competitive Mode?


The ranks are: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Radiant.

With the exception of Radiant, each rank has three tiers. The higher the number, the better your rank. 

How do I know what rank I’ll start in?

Once you’ve gone and played 5 Competitive Placement Matches, we will determine your rank.

How do I improve my rank?

That is the question, isn’t it? Well, of course victory will help push you closer to ranking up, and winning games is the most important factor, but it isn’t the only factor. If you perform exceptionally well, you have the possibility of leveling up (so to speak) even quicker!  


It’s a double edged sword, of course. Losing games, and performing below expectations, can reduce your rank depending on your performance. You’ll also be measured by how decisively you win or lose, so there is a benefit to your rank to play your best for the full match. This means that if you perform really well, you can still see a slight increase in rank even if you happen to lose that match. Promotions and demotions happen on wins and losses respectively.

The more games you play, along with an increase in rank, the more winning will be weighted. In-client, you can view the progression of your rank by looking at the arrows to the bottom right of your Rank Icon.

Will my rank decay?

While your rank won’t be displayed if you haven’t played competitively within the last 14 days, your rank won’t decay behind the scenes. It will show back up one you’re back in-game.

Can I play Competitive Mode with friends?

Yes! You can queue up with friends even if they have a fairly large skill discrepancy... at least, to a point. If you're an experienced Agent, and your friend is still learning the ropes, our matchmaking will halt the match in order to ensure a fair playing field.

What is the premade size cap?

None! You can play with a full five-man team or less, so long as they meet skill disparity requirements noted above.


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