Account Leveling FAQ

You and your fellow Agents risk everything to save your world, so the least we can do is find new ways to reward your efforts. To that end, we’re introducing account leveling.

How does account leveling work?

We want every minute you're on the battlefield to count. That's why account leveling in VALORANT is based on the amount of time you spend fighting the good fight.

Be it in Competitive, Deathmatch, or any other matchmade game, you'll earn a certain amount of AP (Account Points) every minute you're in a match. You'll also earn bonus AP for your first win of the day and every win thereafter.

At the end of a match, the amount of AP you earned goes toward your account level, which will appear on your Player Card as an evolving account level border.

How much AP do I need to level up?

Your account level goes up with every 5,000 AP you earn. As your account levels up, so does your account level border.

Tell me more about this account level border.

You’ll get a Player Card border that evolves every 20 account levels, giving you a visual representation of the time you've spent in-game.


Your border will show up on your Player Card on the lobby screen, as well as on the Face-Off screen and Kill Summary in all matches.


If you don't want other players to see your account level, you can hide it by going to Collections > Player Cards > Level Borders in game and clearing the Show my account level on my player card option.

Will my account level reset each Act?

Your account level will continue to grow based on your time in-game, and is not affected by Acts or your Competitive rank.

Will my account level reset if I change shards?

If you transfer your account to a different shard, your account level will reset.

Will my account start at level 1?

We truly appreciate all the time you've dedicated to being an Agent, so once Episode 3 begins, you'll receive an amount of AP based on the number of matches you've played. Your account level could start off at level 1, or even beyond level 100. It all depends on the time you've spent on the field. Once your initial account level has been determined, you'll earn AP at the rate mentioned above.

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