How Rank Rating (RR) Is Calculated

Ever wanted to know exactly how your match outcomes and K/D/A affect your Rank Rating (RR)? Here's a handy guide that breaks down how it's calculated!

1. Match outcome. Most of your RR gained or lost each match comes from winning or losing. Focus less on K/D/A and more on securing the win. 2. Round differential. Gain or lose extra RR with more decisive match outcomes. Every round matters! 3. Individual performance. Performing well (including damage and assists) can slightly increase RR gains and reduce RR losses and vice versa. 4. Rank convergence. All RR gained or lost is multiplied by a convergence factor that attunes MMR to rank. Lastly, there are other factors: Episode resets are an opportunity for you to complete your rank placements and climb again. When you're promoted and your MMR is far from your visible rankk, you'll be double promoted. Parties of 5 incur penalties of 0-90% RR based on rank.


Is it possible to gain RR if you lose?
No. You cannot gain RR in a loss—however, it is possible to gain MMR from a loss. If your MMR is higher than your rank, your RR lost will be reduced.
What if I lose more RR than I gained?
This is often a sign that your rank has advanced beyond your MMR, and you're seeing a negative convergence factor. Your RR gains are decreased because your rank has already surpassed your MMR, and your RR losses are increased because the system is trying to attune your rank back to your MMR. To increase your MMR (and RR gains), you'll need to win more consistently and improve your individual performance.
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