Evolving Gun Skins

Change is good. Age old proverb, or simply a fact about the transformative power of your arsenal. Who said you can’t be as extravagant as you are exemplary? Let’s talk about Evolving Gun Skins.

Whether you use your purchased VP to buy Radianite Points, or earn it through the New Player Contract, your Radianite Points can be turned into some special upgrades for favorite weapon skins.

While not every gun will have an evolving skin, those that do have will usually have several levels of upgrades. The levels are unique and flexible, so you’ll see different sorts of levels for different skin lines. Here are some examples of potential upgrades:

  • New muzzle flashes
  • New firing audio
  • New reload animations
  • New equip animations
  • New variants

I know you’ve got questions, so let’s see if this clears some of the nuance up:

Is there an Evolving Skin for every gun?

Not every gun has an Evolving Skin. You can tell if it evolves by checking if it has a leveling path in the Store or on your Collections page.

Are all Evolving Gun Skins the same?

Nope! Different skins means different upgrades. You’ll be able to see all upgrades the gun will have when viewing a gun skin in the Store or your Collections page.

Can I choose which Gun Skin variant I want to buy?

Yes! First, your weapon skin must be fully evolved before you can unlock variants. Once unlocked, you'll be able to pick the one you like.

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