Your Firewall VS. VALORANT

If you've encountered Error Code 29, chances are something has gone awry in the interplay between VALORANT and Windows Firewall. This can be further complicated if you're running antivirus software alongside your device's own protective measures. Luckily, there are a few key steps you can take to dispel Error Code 29.

First, it's important to ensure that Windows Firewall recognizes and allows VALORANT (a rather important step). Here's how to make that happen:

  • In the Windows search bar, type Windows Defender Firewall and click on it.
  • Click Allow a program through Windows firewall.
  • Click Change Settings.
  • Remove any current VALORANT and Riot Client entries, then add a new one with the Allow another app button.
  • Locate C:\Riot Games\VALORANT\live\VALORANT.exe for the new firewall exceptions and click OK.
  • On the firewall exceptions, check all boxes for VALORANT and click OK at the bottom.
  • Repeat the above process to add an exception for our Anticheat at C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard\vgc.exe and click OK.
  • Once more, repeat the process to add an exception for the Launcher at C:\Riot Games\Riot Client\RiotClientServices.exe and click OK.

Some other useful measures to take include making sure you're running the game as the administrator, as well as making sure your anti-virus protection isn't interfering with the game.

As a last resort, you can also try a full reinstall, making sure to run the program as an administrator like before.

If you've tried the above and are still encountering issues, please feel free to /submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

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