Act Ranks and Rewards

You’ve gone to great lengths to prove yourself, Agent, and you deserve to know how you compare to your comrades. Well, look no further than Act Rank!

What's Act Rank?

Let’s start from the top! An Act is a competitive period within an Episode. An Episode is the size of an event, and has 3 Acts.

Your Act Rank measures your rank across, well, an entire Act! It’s determined by your highest ranked win, something we like to call your proven skill.

What determines my Act Rank?


When a new Episode begins, all players need to play 5 placement matches to be placed, with Ascendant 1 being the highest initial placement. To receive your rank in Act 2 or 3, you'll need to play 1 placement match. After placement, your Act Rank will rise and fall with your wins and losses.

For a deeper look at what affects your Act Rank, take a look at our Rank Rating articles for Iron-Ascendant and Immortal-Radiant ranks.

How does my Act Rank appear in-game?

Take a look at this lovely pyramid.


Each triangle within the pyramid represents a ranked match win, with the triangle at the top representing your proven skill (highest ranked win)—and your Act Rank.

Your highest ranked win is based on your rank at the end of the match. So if you win a match that promotes you to Diamond 2, you will receive a Diamond 2 triangle.


Act Rank in Episode 1 was determined by your 9th highest ranked win, but this was changed to your highest ranked win at the beginning of Episode 2.

The color and dimension of each triangle shows the rank you were in when you won that particular match. Wins of a higher rank will slowly begin to replace the lower ones to give a more accurate visual representation of your progress.


The border that surrounds the pyramid is your Act Rank Border.


Your Act Rank Border evolves once you have 9, 25, 50, 75, and 100 competitive wins.


The progress bar below the pyramid shows how many wins you need to reach the next border level.

The Act Rank Badge

Your Act Rank Badge represents your highest ranked win and can be viewed in the Career tab and on your Player Card, along with your current rank.


Your Badge will only be awarded upon an Act’s completion, so if you find yourself proud of your performance during Act 1, be sure to display your Badge with pride in Act 2, and so on.

How do I qualify for ranked rewards?

Although you only need to play 5 placement games to get an Act Rank, to earn an Act Rank badge and qualify for ranked rewards, you'll need to win at least 9 competitive games in an Act, which is the equivalent to reaching the level 1 border in your Act Rank.

Episode Rewards


Once an Episode ends, you’ll earn a gun buddy that represents the highest Act Rank badge you received during that Episode.

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