Kingdom Credits FAQ

Kingdom Credits (KC) are a type of in-client currency introduced in VALORANT Episode 7: Evolution.

You accrue KC just for playing the game. Be ready to spend your Kingdom Credits as swiftly as you accrue them, because they cap out at 10,000 KC. If you hit that cap, spend it so you don’t lose out on earning more.


How do I get Kingdom Credits?

They say money can’t buy love. Well, it won’t buy Kingdom Credits either–you’ll have to earn those. Here’s how:

  • Playing any game mode
  • Completing Daily Rewards - You earn 150 KC for completing each daily checkpoint–that's a potential 600 KC for completing all 4 checkpoints per day. Caveat: FFA Deathmatch games won't grant you any progress towards checkpoints.

Important: If you are penalized in a match for disruptive behavior, you won’t receive any KC for that match.

Accrual Details

How much KC you get per completed match or round:

Game Mode Round Won Round Played Match Completed
Unrated 4 KC 2 KC  
Competitive 4 KC 2 KC  
Swiftplay 4 KC 2 KC  
Premier 4 KC 2 KC  
Spike Rush     20 KC
Escalation     15 KC
Team Deathmatch     20 KC
Deathmatch (FFA)     15 KC

Note: Round Won and Round Played stack, so you can earn 6 KC per round win.

How much progress you gain towards Daily Rewards per game mode:

1 Progress = 1 facet of each of the 4 diamond checkpoints in the Daily Bonus (16 Progress total, per day).

Game Mode Progress Earned
Unrated 1 Progress per round won
Competitive 1 Progress per round won
Swiftplay 1 Progress per round won
Premier 1 Progress per round won
Spike Rush 2 Progress per match
Escalation 2 Progress per match
Team Deathmatch 2 Progress per match
Deathmatch (FFA) No Progress is earned for Deathmatch.

What can I buy using Kingdom Credits?

Use KC to unlock Agents* and Agent Gear**, as well items in the Accessory Store.

The Accessory Store contains a weekly-changing selection of unowned Sprays, Gun Buddies, Titles, and Player Cards from previous Battlepasses.

*Within the first 28 days of release, new Agents can only be unlocked with VP, Agent Recruitment Events, or by having a linked and active Xbox Game Pass subscription. Once their Agent Recruitment Event ends, the Agent can be unlocked with KC or Agent Unlock Tokens.

**You can only buy Agent Gear for owned/unlocked Agents.

All purchases made with Kingdom Credits are non-refundable.

Do Kingdom Credits expire?

No, but they do cap out at 10,000.

Once you hit that cap, you need to spend some to continue earning any.

I made a mistake! Can I get a refund?

No. All purchases made with Kingdom Credits are non-refundable.


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