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VALORANT Player Support – A black background with 6 cards of different colors under words that read: NIGHT.MARKET ENDS IN 25 DAYS.

There’s a whole host of skins out there that can amp up your arsenal, but sometimes the one you want proves elusive. What if I told you there was a place where content was collected just for you to peruse? No need to keep you in suspense! Behold... the Night.Market!

So, what is the Night.Market?

The Night.Market is a collection of 6 random weapon skins that you can purchase, just like you would in the Store. The difference is that this unique selection will only be available to you! And discounted! Hurray!

Simply click on the Night.Market offerings to flip them and reveal your available artillery.

A black background with 6 cards of different colors, each one showcasing a different weapon and weapon skin at a discounted price. Above the cards reads: NIGHT.MARKET ENDS IN 24 DAYS.

While these six particular skins suit my preferences, your Night.Market will most likely look entirely different! Different shots for different, folks as they say.

So I can get any skin I want?

Not exactly. The weapon skins that appear in the Night.Market can be anything from an Act that is greater than one Act ago, meaning the Night.Market you can access in Act 3 will have content from Act 1, and so on.

Select, Deluxe, and Premium Edition skins all have a chance to appear in the Night.Market. At least 2 Premium Edition or higher skins are guaranteed to appear, and you won't get more than 2 offers for the same weapon (unless that would prevent you from getting 6 offers at once!). Not only that, but you may even encounter some Exclusive Melee weapon skins!

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