How to join VALORANT Premier

To play in VALORANT Premier, you need to remain eligible throughout the current Stage. (A Stage is one Premier tournament lifecycle, which roughly coincides with an Act in VALORANT.) 

➡️ Premier Everything You Need To Know

Time Commitment

📆 Enrollment lasts one week at the beginning of a Stage. This is when teams are created. Teams of 5-7 players must be enrolled by the deadline to qualify for the current stage. 

🔫 Up to 2 matches per week, for 7 consecutive weeks (plus 1 more week if your team makes the Playoff Tournament). The specific dates and Premier queue windows are posted in the Premier section of the game client. It's one map per week. 

Eligibility Rules

  1. Make sure you've verified your Riot Account with SMS Verification.
    • 🚫 You must keep your account verified throughout Premier to remain eligible to play.
    • If you've already verified your account, in the Premier screen you'll see Create a Team instead of Verify. You can also check in your VALORANT Settings, under General > Account
  2. You must have completed at least one ranked placement in your account's lifetime. 
  3. Your account must be in good standing. That means no current bans or restrictions of any kind. Sorry, that includes AFK restrictions, even if those AFKs were unintentional.
    • 🚫 Receiving any kind of behavior penalty or restriction makes you ineligible to join a Premier Team or queue up for Premier matches for 30 days from the start of the penalty.

To continue playing in Premier: 

  1. Stay account verified and remain on your best behavior. Getting bans or restrictions during Premier disqualifies you from the rest of that stage. This won't automatically remove you from the team, but you can no longer play that Stage. We are not lifting bans or restrictions just to allow players to stay in the tournament.
  2. Be aware that if you leave a team to join another team (you can only be on one team at a time), getting re-added to the team you left is not guaranteed because joining a team has this rule:
    • 🚫After the enrollment period has ended, a player cannot join a team if their MMR disparity would bump the team up a Division (this is determined by the top 5 players on a team).

Creating a Team

Teams must enroll during the Enrollment Period.

All teams (even if the team was created in a previous Stage) must enroll during the Enrollment Period to participate in the current Stage.

To create a team, see ➡️ Creating and managing a team.

Joining a Team

Players can be on only one team roster at a time.

Before the enrollment deadline

During the 1-week enrollment period at the beginning of a Stage, you can join any team you get invited to, no matter the team's collective MMR. Your
Division is determined by your top 5 players' average MMR. A team competes within the same Division and Zone throughout a Premier Stage, from Weekly Matches to the Playoff Tournament. 

What's the enrollment deadline?

To qualify for the current Stage, your team must enroll by the enrollment deadline. That means by the second date shown here: (This example is intentionally blurred. Please find your actual enrollment period in the client. The date will be shown in the time zone based on your account region.)

Pay very close attention to that second date in the client. That's your deadline for becoming eligible and getting on a team for Premier.

After the enrollment deadline

You can join a team fresh or switch from another team throughout a Stage. There's an important caveat though: 

🚫 After the enrollment period has ended, a player cannot join a team if their MMR disparity would bump the team up or down a Division. (A team's Division is determined by the top 5 players on a team.) So be mindful of that if you want to leave a team to join anotheryou might not be able to.

Learn how to play in Premier

For all the info on Premier, see ➡️ Premier Everything You Need To Know, where you'll learn about:

  • Division seeding and Zones
  • How to earn a Premier Crest (and other rewards for participating in Premier)
  • How points work
  • How to make the playoffs
  • How to queue
  • Leaving a team or forfeiting

...and more!

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