Surrenders in VALORANT

Knowing when to retreat can oftentimes be just as valuable as knowing when to push forward. If you recognize team morale may benefit from waving the white flag and regrouping to fight another day, then you’d best learn how to surrender

By typing /surrender in the chat, or by clicking the Surrender button in-game, a surrender vote will be called for. You, or your teammates, can call for a surrender at any time past the start of the 4th round of both the attack and defense phases. Once entered, the team must decide to pull back or push onward. If a surrender is agreed on, the next round will be forfeit (meaning if you vote to surrender on Round 8, the start of Round 9 will be the end of the match).

The number of votes to surrender depends on which mode you happen to be playing. If you're playing in Unrated Mode, you'll need 80% of the team to vote for surrendering. If you're playing Competitive Mode, you'll need a 100% unanimous vote to surrender. You’ll only be able to make one surrender attempt per phase.

Still with me? (You didn’t surrender on this information, did you?). Good! There’s still a few things to keep in mind. If you try to ask for a surrender, but someone on your team has gotten in ahead of you, your surrender won’t count as your attempt for the phase.

Remember that your vote matters! If you don’t pick a side, the system will assume you voted NO to surrender! So be sure to make yourself heard.

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