In-Game Currency

You’ve been working hard, haven’t you, Agent? I think it’s time to treat yourself to some shiny new toys. Afterall, in VALORANT, no one says you can’t take down your style.

There are really three types of currency that you can use in game: Creds, Valorant Points and Radianite Points. You can also utilize experience like a sort of currency in your missions and contracts, too, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Creds are to be used during a match. They don’t have any real-world monetary value, but can be invaluable in-game. Earn them over the course of a match to buy useful items and abilities in the heat of battle.

Valorant Points, or VP for short, allow you to level up your contracts in the early stages (which you can learn more about here), as well as letting you use your real-life money to put towards premium skins and Radianite Points.

Radianite Points are an in-game currency specifically for jazzing up your firepower, allowing you to evolve your guns and take your arsenal to the next level. You can buy them from the Store using your VP. New around these parts? You can earn some Radianite Points through the New Player Experience Contract as well.

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